Sustainability workshop - running a sustainable organisation and improving it

Tue - 30/09/14

We're running a half day workshop on 16 October!  We're going to explore ..... 

·         using the latest neuroscience to find pathways for behaviour change in the workplace around sustainability

·         using advanced Accuvio software to assess and report on sustainability

·         finding out where the organisation sits on an acknowledged Sustainability Roadmap

The details and rego are available if you go to


University intern taking the lead with sponsorship of Green Street.

Mon - 15/09/14

Our high performing graduate intern from the University of Queensland, Duncan  Munro, is helping with gaining sponsorship for the open source Green Street which is a social network for those wanting to be connected around the sustainability of communities and workplaces.  Anyone interested? Green Street is a creation of NACC and Caboodle Web.

Joined the UN Global Compact Leadership Group

Mon - 15/09/14

NACC has been admitted as a member of the United Nations Global Compact and will be reporting against the principles of the Compact.  We will also be taking part in the Environmental Leadership Group and will be using the guidelines of the Environmental Stewardship Strategy so that we can help companies develop a comprehensive stewardship and profiling strategy. 

Cairns on the go

Tue - 2/09/14

Just spent a bit of time with people from Cairns Council and the Cairns RDA and there's plenty going on in the Cairns region around sustainability. The links between Council, RDA, University and the Cairns Institute is a good model for collaboration in regions and have led to some interesting contacts with James Cook University and the exciting Malanda North project..

Samford Commons moving forward

Fri - 30/05/14

Exciting things are happening at Samford Commons!  In their positions on the Board of Samford Commons Limited Howard and Karen have been part of a large group of volunteers who have been working hard to progress the community vision for the old CSIRO site. 

The ideas for sustainable business, co-working spaces, arts, agriculture, education and recreational activities operating in collaboration on the site are becoming tangible as the group comes closer to signing a lease with Moreton Bay Regional Council to occupy the site and commence building refurbishment.

Bega Cheese to develop new sustainability initiatives

Mon - 23/05/14

Some terrific news this week out of Victoria with dairy giant Bega Cheese committing $25m toward sustainability initiatives.  This exciting initiative showcases excellent leadership and foresight from one of Australia’s leading players in the dairy industry.

Executive Chairman, Barry Irvin said in a statement to the ASX this morning that Bega will commit up to $25m to develop strategies that strongly link the needs of the company to its suppliers.  “With competition for milk expected to increase and a relatively static Australian milk supply, it is important to think about new approaches that encourage existing suppliers to invest and sustainably grow their milk supply and for the company to have longer term supply security which allows long term business growth objectives to be met,” the statement read.

NACC will follow developments with this story and in the wider dairy community.  For the full article from Aoife Boothroyd in the Food Magazine click here.

Sustainability leadership lights up family time

Fri - 20/05/14

The Ferguson family enjoy their regular skirmishes on the mini footy field in the backyard.   Despite some growing allegiances between the 3 boys and mum against dad it was considered excellent family time and provided bragging rights for the victor until at least tea time.  Recently, in a display of leadership beyond his 8-years Callum suggested we could have just as good a family time with a regular "no electricity day".  Rather than heading inside to the TV or Tablets or DVDs the whole family now spend time reading by candlelight, playing "retro" games like murder in the dark and even listening to an old fashioned transistor radio.  The family then built on the power saving benefits of "no electricity day" by charting the daily power usage and comparing each day of the week.  The boys worked on ideas on how to reduce energy usage even further setting new records each week.

The results for Mitch – a sustainability and leadership consultant at NACC – were incredible "I thought it would be a tough sell, particularly to the little fellas but they absolutely love it.  Outside of the tangible benefits of reducing the power bill each month and reducing emissions, it has brought the boys closer together.  The games we have come up with in the dark or by torchlight have been enterprising and even creative to say the least.  I am particularly proud of their own little sustainability mindset they are developing which for the most part is of their own volition."

Big Morning for your Business

Mon - 16/05/14

NACC is presenting at the 'Big Morning 4 Your Business', hosted by Regional Development Australia on Thursday 29 May 2014.  There we will showcase the innovative sustainability tool Green Street.  Please contact us if you'd like to know more.

A good luck story

Thu - 15/05/14

The 'good luck' story on Friday 13 June is that the new NACC is being launched at Flowers of the World Café, South Bank, Brisbane.  Meet the new team and their network of current, past and possible future clients and friends.  A nice match, a boutique sustainability consulting group unveiling itself at a boutique café with sustainability cred. Starts at 5.30pm.

RSVP via our contact form

Cluck cluck

Tue - 13/05/14

It was a childhood dream come true when we brought home six point-of-lay hens. 

It took nearly 6-months of planning to get a mite-proof, fox-proof, snake-proof, rat-proof, shady, sunny, well-ventilated abode with easy human access for cleaning and egg collecting.  Thanks goes to our friend John Atkinson who’s a wizard with the soldering iron. 

After countless exorbitant quotes to fence a run under the fruit trees my husband decided it would be a DIY job.  After some minor hiccups with an electrical hole borer that failed to perform, a manual post digging tool that bent under the super-human strength of my brother in-law and four trips to Bunnings to get different bits and pieces I’m pleased to say we had quite a respectable looking fence.  And yes it is still standing! 

Our darling hens definitely provide a good return on our investment.  There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a cup of tea and listening to their gentle clucks as they go about their business.  Your food waste is dramatically reduced as they eat almost any leftovers.  You have a ready supply of fresh, organic eggs and the kids get to learn responsible animal care.  You also get fantastic nitrogen-rich fertiliser for the garden.  We used a layer of clean sand on the coop floor as it is great at keeping the smell down and easy to skim any droppings right into a cat litter tray sieve ready for going right into the compost or spreading around your gardens.


Autumn gardening

Wed - 26/03/14

We’re so lucky to live in a part of the world that has such glorious autumn weather and more so that we’ve had such good rains of late.  This weekend saw Mark shovelling and wheelbarrowing loads of soil and mulch from the bottom slope of the chicken run and the compost bin to our veggie beds.  Wonderfully nutritious stuff! 

The kids and I got the easy job of planting the seeds.  We decided to go with organic seeds rather than seedlings because, as long as you’re patient, they’re much more economical.  They store pretty well in the fridge in paper bags so you can keep them a while.  We staggered the planting, half now then half in 2-weeks so that you don’t get too much produce in one hit.  We’ve got beetroot, radishes, tomatoes, cabbages, peas, clover, basil, dill and coriander on the go.  We also scattered nasturtium and marigold seeds in between our crops to act as bee attractors and pest detractors.  Trust me it works! 

Now we’re patiently waiting for our plant babies to grow up and be ready for harvest and feasting.

NACC has a new team member!

Wed - 12/02/14

NACC is pleased to welcome its newest team member Mitch Ferguson.  Mitch brings great skills having worked in the business world, education and the sports industry. He is a welcome addition to the team and already much appreciated for the seemingly endless supply of home-baked biscuits and a wickedly dry sense of humour.