Who we are


Organisations, communities and businesses prospering in sustainable harmony with nature.


To deliver affordable, high quality consulting services to build sustainable enterprises and communities in a world that is a good place to live, work and play for a long time to come.

Our approach

As a boutique sustainability consultancy we have a small team of dedicated, passionate and professional individuals with over 50 years  of combined experience in sustainability, business consulting and community engagement. 

With a global network of partners and experience working with clients of all sizes and industries we are well informed on current and emerging issues and trends in sustainability practices.

Underneath it all we believe the world goes around a whole lot better when people have a significant level of control over their lives.  We also believe people respond best when they focus on what they CAN do rather than what they or others think they CAN'T do.  These beliefs underpin what we do and how we do it.

Getting the right starting point is essential so we take the time to listen in order to fully understand your business capabilities and where you are on your sustainability journey. 

While our sustainability assessment tools are extremely useful in arriving at that starting point, so is knowing the aspirations and challenges people see in their organisation.  We tune-in to what people are saying and feeling right through the process of developing sustainability in businesses, organisations and communities.

At our finger tips we have:

  • A huge number of resources to support people.
  • Proven sustainable leadership programs and processes.
  • Accredited sustainability assessment processes.
  • Professional development programs for staff and community members.
  • Accredited environmental management systems.
  • Creative online sustainability networking tools to connect people and organisations.
  • Creative engagement processes for workplaces and communities.
  • Access to a group of high quality specialist consultants.

We like to think we provide a friendly, personalised service at competitive rates and maintain high levels of contact with our clients.  This helps ensure our services suit your organisation, with simplicity and efficiency in mind, and that they are integrated with existing processes and systems. 

We like to make sure your staff have maximum autonomy and ownership of processes.  This increases accountability and the likelihood for processes to be well maintained so you can be confident they will deliver ongoing benefits to your organisation, to the environment and ultimately to all our lives.

This is why we focus on some of the sustainability building blocks that enable this to happen, like:

  • Supporting and motivating leaders who are respectful of social, environmental and economic needs within their sphere of influence.
  • Building enterprises and communities that have an optimistic and open-minded approach to learning new and better ways.
  • Finding out what people already do well and what they really aspire toward and helping develop their capability to achieve that aspiration.
  • Building a sustainable balance in enterprises, families and communities that enables tomorrow's society to enjoy the world they will inherit from us.


Our promises to you

  • To treat you fairly and listen well.
  • To gain a full understanding of your needs in order to collaborate on design and delivery of our services.
  • To provide high levels of certainty around roles and responsibilities, deliverables and deadlines.
  • To help your staff maintain a sense of self and feel appreciated for their contributions.
  • To achieve maximum levels of staff autonomy.