Behaviour Change

We can be knowledgeable about a lot of things but the test comes when we behave the way we aspire to.  Making that trip from knowing what to do and actually being prepared to do it is a difficult journey at times.  Being confident in our own ability and skill to make changes is yet another dimension we need to tackle.

When it comes to behaviour change, NACC specialises in designing and implementing facilitation processes and strategies based on the latest research and practice.  This includes the work on learning organisations by Peter Senge, appreciative action learning approaches by David Cooperrider and the neuroscience of behaviour change by David Rock.

Howard Nielsen has been a pioneer in this field in Australia and has been recognised for his practical applications in communities and businesses.  His leadership in this area is evident through his numerous presentations at national and international conferences.  In the past few years this has included: the Asia Pacific Forum on Climate Change Adaptation (Seoul Korea); Making Cities Liveable and Sustainable Transformation Twin Conferences (Melbourne); Symposium on Samford Futures at Griffith University public forum; National Community Climate Change Conference (Sydney) and Behaviour Change for Sustainability National Conference (Melbourne).

How we can help

The options for how we can help depend on a lot of things of course and the range can be quite broad and may include:

  • Meeting with you to work through a process that will work for individuals and the collective.
  • Coaching and mentoring people.
  • Facilitating workshops aimed at a particular change target.
  • Helping to manage the implementation of change projects across the business or community.