Changed climate about climate change

There is no doubt that the public perception of the reality of climate change  has changed significantly during the past few months of dramatic and traumatic climate events.  It is not surprising that the latest national poll now shows that 'the environment' is  the highest priority for action, even above health, education and law and order.  This is the first time this has happened and it is a cruel shame that we have had to experience such life threatening and life taking conditions for this perception to rise to prominence. 

What more will  it need for our national collective of decision makers in investment, insurance, government, business and ccommunity to take the actions necessary to lower emissions in the very immediate future?  The ABC's Q & A program on 10 February covered the territory so very well and highlighted that despite the deathly slowness of national decision making  there are hundreds and thousands of individuals, businesses, networks, government agencies and advocacy groups doing what they can - in other words, ordinary people and enterprises are doing what they can because it needs doing. 

Hopefully an accelerated convergence of common sense and spectacular action will enable us to leave a legacy we will be proud to own. 


POSTED BY : Howard Nielsen - Tue - 11/02/20

Emerging leaders kick goals at leadership workshop

Earlier this month NACC Sustainability Consultant Mitch Ferguson spent time back in the local sporting community assisting football clubs with the ongoing development of their emerging leaders.  Based on the feedback from the workshop participants (below) the initiative has proved to be a resounding success with players particularly enjoying the relatedness of the material presented.

Having been involved in the local footy landscape for over 16 years the emerging leaders workshop was an initiative Mitch had always wanted to implement at grassroots level.   The 90 minute workshop was based largely on the question of "how do you go about being a good leader?" and "why do people act / react the way they do to you?"

Attendees included representatives from the senior, reserve and colts playing leadership groups, members of the coaching panel and general club leaders.  Clubs to participate included Kenmore Bears AFL, Springwood Pumas AFL and Mt Gravatt Vultures AFL.

QAFL Mt Gravatt Vultures

We have a very young and inexperienced playing squad. Mitch Ferguson from NACC Sustainability People met with our emerging leadership group and made an immediate connection. More as a facilitator rather than lecturer, he was able to present the course in a context the boys could easily relate their own experiences to the leadership role. Some of the key elements of the course were:

• Prompting the boys to think about what leadership is
• What the requirements are of that role as a leader
• Encouraging self- analysis
• Highlighting personal diversity issues for leaders
• Engaging open discussion on how to improve the leadership group

The boys gave the exercise a “positive thumbs up” and I’d highly recommend it to any organisation seeking leadership guidance. Brad Pollock (senior coach Mt Gravatt Vultures AFL)

"Mitch was a great help in assisting the development of our leadership group by facilitating leadership plans both as a collective group, and as individual leaders. With Mitch's guidance we were able to establish a clear, player-driven vision on where we want to take our leadership group and the standards we set. A highly beneficial evening that all of our group took something out of." Joe Murphy (senior captain Mt Gravatt Vultures AFL)

 QAFA South Kenmore Bears 

As footballers at a local level we are often put into positions of responsibility without training or thought. The presentation from Mitch gave us the opportunity to reflect on our leadership practices and discuss in a formal setting our own strengths and weaknesses. For our group it was the first time many of them had been through such a program and the knowledge that was imparted will not only make them better leaders at our football club, but also better leaders in their day to day lives. I would recommend the program to give some structure and direction for leaders at all levels. Will Fozard (senior coach Kenmore Bears AFL)


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Unveiling new people and new products

It was nice of Professor John Cole to have good things to say about us when  over 50 guests came to our  celebration of new consultants and new offerings from NACC.   Karen Warbrooke and Mitch Ferguson joined me and NACC clients and networks at Flowers of the World at Southbank.  

Karen brings fantastic skills and passion to her work.  Her experience with Enrst Young and many world-known organisations in Europe and Australia brings new offerings in sustainability assessment, risk management, governance, stakeholder engagement and culture change.  Mitch's experience in the retail and commercial sector and successful background in learning and development, coaching and leadership will be great assets.

Have a further look on this website and let us know what you think about our offerings.  You may like to suggest additional services we could provide. 

POSTED BY : Howard Nielsen - Sat - 14/06/14

Welcome to our Blog Space!

At NACC we are very excited to launch our new blog.  Check back for our blog posts with great sustainability ideas and information.

POSTED BY : Howard Nielsen - Thu - 12/06/14

Photo Diary

Karen at a recent NACC team meeting

Karen, Mitch and Howard at a recent NACC team meeting