Community Engagement Strategy & Development

NACC Consulting Director Howard Nielsen cut his teeth on community engagement whilst working as state co-ordinator of parent and community interaction in schools and conducting hundreds of community engagement projects in Queensland.  During his work with the Ministerial Consultative Council on Curriculum he wrote the core piece for a paper adopted by Parliament on 'Active versus Passive Consultation Processes'.

Howard co-facilitated the Connecting Kilcoy Community project and the NACC team continues its pro bono involvement in the large scale Samford Green Street and Samford Commons projects.

Howard has also designed and delivered Sustainability Roadmaps for the Moreton Bay Region; a widespread community engagement process for social planning at Ipswich City Council; the Samford Green Streets program; a national community, government and industry engagement process for reassessing the criteria for success in life and workplaces; and, working  on the Samford Futures and Samford Commons project.

How we can help

NACC’s approach focuses on engaging people at a personal level in conversations about their individual and collective aspirations.

Our consultants are ready to help you:

  • Find out the starting points.
  • Design the best possible process.
  • Prepare community members to facilitate the process without the need for ongoing help.
  • Support the process in the best possible way in a cost efficient way.
  • Reflect on and learn from the experience in positive ways.