Risk Management

Effective risk management is an essential ingredient of any successful organisation.  As businesses progress on their sustainability journey it is important they are equipped to easily identify, assess, monitor and manage risk. 

By being better able to prevent risks from occurring or reduce the negative impacts of risks, businesses may improve their social, economic and environmental performance.

Organisations have varying appetite for risk and capacity to manage risk.  Those with effective risk management frameworks are able to identify risks and opportunities on a timely basis and more accurately assess and report on their impact on the business.  This supports better strategic, financial and operational decision-making and allows businesses to design processes and practices that suit their financial and resourcing capabilities as well as their tolerance for risk.

ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles & Guidelines

What it does

ISO 31000 is an internationally recognised, voluntary standard that enables organisations to develop processes and procedures to assist in identification and management of risk in order to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to shareholder value and to enhance their ability to meet their strategic objectives. 

How we can help

Our consultants are experienced in helping you:

  • Plan and implement ISO 31000.
  • Determine your organisation’s risk appetite.
  • Design risk reports and dashboards.
  • Facilitate risk workshops and risk education sessions.
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing risk management frameworks and identify improvements.  
  • Select risk management software.

We design simple, effective risk management frameworks to suit the size and complexity of organisations and which are practical to implement and maintain.  We also take the time to engage with key stakeholders across the business in order to fully understand their needs and priorities.  This ensures risk processes are integrated with relevant strategic planning, operations and finance processes which means risk management need not be overly onerous or complicated and can truly add value, leading to a more sustainable organisation.

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