Sustainability Assessment Tools

Finding out our sustainability starting point then tracking our progress over time is becoming more and more important. Businesses and organisations alike are seeking out the most practical and valid ways of doing this, particularly now that a price has been put on carbon. Customers and stakeholders are more vigilant regarding environmental sustainability as it affects the overall sustainability of their business, organisation or community enterprise.

NACC has at its fingertips a number of sustainability assessment tools which will help develop more sustainable practices.

Green Street Score: This innovative and practical sustainability assessment tool provides a trend indicator of household sustainability and/or workplace sustainability. It is available directly online at or contact us for more information on its use and how to join a Green Street Sustainable Business Precinct and join a Green Street Business listing.
Suggestions are included on ways to lower emissions and scores are adjusted monthly and are graphed for comparisons with other sectors 
SPART - Sustainability Perception and Reporting Tool : SPART is a web-based tool which surveys and tracks the views of customers and other stakeholders regarding changes in sustainability action in businesses and organisations. SPART uses selected items from the respected Global Reporting initiative as the basis for the survey items. 

SPART Reports in a graphic form and can be used via the web or hard copy forms.  It can also be weighted to enable variations in the relative importance of criteria to be reflected.

SPART Provides a core score if requested and easily enables variations to the content areas

Go to or contact us for more on how you can tap into the perceptions of your most important stakeholders to improve your environmental sustainability.
ecoBiz toolbox: This signature program helps businesses to work on their eco-efficiency and take advantage of improved environmental performance. Contact us