Sustainability Tools & Resources

Building a Circular Economy Business

Organisations can become more resilient by adopting a circular economy approach, aiming to retain as much value as possible from products, parts and materials while minimising waste. 

Green Street’s Circular Economy Workshops aim to get conversations going between and within organisations to encourage innovative circular economy activity. This exchange helps participants consider each other’s outputs/inputs, and identify opportunities for cycling materials in, out or up.

Circular economy diagram

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Business Case for Sustainability

This is a summary of the reasons why environmental sustainability is good for business and good for the community and planet. A simple guide for business owners, staff, value chain and clients.

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Clues on Conversations

A handbook to skill people in the art and science of conversations for a sustainable future. Multiple options are provided for the design and facilitation of group and individual conversations.

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EcoBiz Toolbox

This signature program from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland helps businesses assess and report on their eco-efficiency.  It is an easy-to-use tool that can lead to improved environmental performance through efficiencies and savings in energy, waste and water. NACC was one of the first accredited users of the EcoBiz Toolbox and is looking to recommence its association with EcoBiz.

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Environmental Management Systems

See the ISO14000 family of standards guiding the establishment of world standards for Environmental Management Systems.


To inject a bit of fun into the process of learning about sustainability, we created the Sustainable Zillionaire game. Based on a popular game show format, the game poses questions at varying levels of difficulty. 

The game can be run as part of face to face or online learning events, and is suitable for businesses or community groups.

  • Includes presenter’s slides and printable question cards
  • Questions can be expanded or adapted to suit the context
  • Especially suitable for face-to-face events
  • Branding can be changed if required

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Green Street Consultancy Team

Green Street consultants may be able to help in many ways with building sustainability practices.



Green Street Sustainability Score and Certificate

A key feature of the Green Street website is the carbon footprint calculator. People answer questions to get a Green Street score for their home/workplace. This score reflects their estimated level of greenhouse gas emissions and can be reviewed monthly.

After scoring, members select up to 5 of the suggested improvements to add to their pledge, which is displayed on their profile or saved as a certificate for extra incentive.

A personalised Green Street Certificate is generated when the member's Green Street Score is finalised. It shows the actions the member pledged to take.

This innovative sustainability assessment tool is practical yet fun and contains plenty of sug­gestions on ways to improve household and workplace sustainability. Green Street operates as a social network and is one of only five resources endorsed by the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme. 

Green Street score

Visit or contact us for more information on its use and how to join a Sustainable Business Precinct or as Green Street Business listing.

Green Street Badges

Badges are a way of acknowledging sustainability efforts of individuals and businesses who use the Green Street website. By indicating they have completed specified tasks, members earn badges that appear on their website profile. 

The badges relate to areas such as energy use, water, fair trade, recycling, transport, workplaces, advocacy and other aspects of sustainability. 

Green Street badges

  • Set of 25 digital badges
  • Original artwork for each badge created specially for Green Street
  • Badges are assigned via a form on the Green Street website
  • Self-reporting process
  • Badge concept can also be used as a focus for learning events

See info on badges here. To start earning badges for your home or worklpace, join Green Street.

Green Street Café & social events

The 'Sustainability Café' or 'Green Street Café’' café-style workshops are designed to engage stakeholders with specific sustainability issues. By creating a social atmosphere, the format encourages open sharing of ideas relevant to participants. 

Green Street Sustainability Cafés have been run as a catalyst for community conversation around local issues, and to get businesses talking about circular economy ideas (as part of the 2020 Moreton Bay Small Business Expo).

We can provide templates that provide a guide to the design of invitations to a Green Street Café event and placemats to record café discussion and calls for action.

Sustainability cafe
  • Face-to-face or online

  • Includes guide for facilitators

  • Activity sheets/resources

  • Templates for event invitation and placemats

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Green Street Schools Challenge

The  Green Street Schools Challenge is designed to inspire primary and secondary school children (and their families and teachers) to learn more about living, working, learning and playing sustainably. 

The challenge is simple – students sign up to the Green Street website, join their school team, and use the carbon footprint calculator to get a Green Street score for their household. After pledging to take action in a few areas, they do the test again over 2–3 months. Learning from this exercise can be fed into class discussions, to generate ideas for projects.

Schools are rewarded if an agreed percentage of their students take up the challenge. Rewards can include financial incentives from government programs and/or commercial sponsorship of sustainability projects that involve collaboration between local schools.

school children

  • Includes customisable challenge info sheet for printing or emailing
  • Access via on any device
  • Achieves best results if a number of local schools join at the same time
  • Sponsorship of rewards can be negotiated with government or local businesses

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Green Street Website is an online network that brings together individuals and businesses wanting to act more sustainably. As well as connecting people through geographic or interest-based groups, the website provides practical information and tools. 

It is one of the few resources endorsed by the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme, and is used as a basis for sustainability projects such as Sustainable Business Precincts and Sustainable Moreton Bay.

The website includes Green Street Score calculator, Green Street badges, social networking functions, news, quizzes, business directory and links. Some features are for members only.

In the Green Street Business Directory, businesses are listed and accessed by business type and business products and services.

Visit the Green Street website

Green Street Sustainability Quizzes

Sustainability Quizzes are visual, interactive online quizzes designed to engage interest and enhance learning about personally relevant aspects of sustainability.

Sustainability quizzes

The quizzes can be expanded to embrace more topics, connect to further learning resources or customise the content for different audiences.are avaiable 

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

The Global Reporting Initiative is acknowledged world wide as the go-to place for sustainability indicators.  Many of the largest and smallest organisations on the planet use the GRI sustainability indicators as the foundation for their aspirations to ‘do well and do good.’  NACC has worked with these indicators since their inception almost two decades ago. They are incorporated into our Accuvio Reporting tool, sustainable procurement process and our SPART tool.

See the GRI website for more information

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised, voluntary standard that enables organisations to design, implement and maintain an environmental management system (EMS) in order to improve their environmental performance.  The related processes allow organisations to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts on the environment resulting from the way they do business and across their entire value-chain. 

We can work with you to ensure your EMS is designed with simplicity and efficiency in order to deliver maximum value and to deliver ongoing benefits to your organisation and to the environment.

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Strategic Questioning

A benchmark document that acts as a guide to engaging in a positive way to learn and problem solve.

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Sustainability Planning Process

Advanced: This is a detailed process leading to an organisational plan to build a sustainable business. It ensures a practical plan is put in place built on personal and organisational strengths and a willingness to pursue ‘provocative propositions’ for practical action.

Basic: Simple process for planning how to build a sustainable organisation, for smallish organisations in particular.

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Sustainability Perception & Reporting Tool (SPART)

Green Street’s Sustainability Perception And Reporting Tool (SPART) is a web-based survey tool. It allows organisations to track how customers, staff and other stakeholders perceive their sustainability performance and understand how sustainable people think it should be.

Based on the respected Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainable Development Goals, the survey questions can be customised to reflect priority areas for focus within the international benchmarks. Analysing the survey reports helps to inform future sustainability actions.

SPART survey tool

Features of the SPART survey tool:

  • Online, cloud-based tool/reports
  • Data can be exported for further analysis
  • Works on all devices; no app required
  • Can be embedded on a web page
  • Images/content can be customised
  • Easy set up (training available)
  • Online demo available on request

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Sustainability Policy

To help you write a sustainabilty policy, we can provide examples of policies drawn from small and large organisations.

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Sustainable Business Precincts

Sustainable business precincts are groups of local or like-minded businesses who want to improve their overall sustainability and boost local economies. Members share insights, trade in a circular economy, build skills, and achieve cost savings and other benefits through improved sustainability.

Precincts are facilitated via the Green Street website, social media, webinars and face-to-face events. Business can sign up online, check their carbon footprint, add a business listing, post news and ask questions. Members display branded signage on their premises/website, and attend events to share ideas, learn and connect with others.

Sustainable business precincts

Contact us for more information on precincts or join a precinct via the Green Street website.

Sustainable Business Roadmap Tool & Survey

Initiated by government in partnership with industry, the Sustainable Business Roadmap provides a clear step-by-step guide to developing sustainable organisations. Green Street resources support each step of the journey in an integrated way, addressing the intertwined strands of sustainability (engagement, footprint, innovation and systems).

The Sustainable Business Roadmap tool helps businesses assess where they are on the road to sustainability. A user-friendly interactive survey asks participants to rate the organisation’s progress in key areas. The resulting scores can be used to guide priorities for training activity, communication, research, innovation initiatives and system/process change.

Sustainability roadmap

  • Online, cloud-based tool
  • Works on all devices; no app required
  • Can be embedded on a web page
  • Accompanied by detailed resource guide (Journey Companion)
  • Branding/images can be adjusted 
  • Easy set up (can provide training)
  • Online demo available

Read more about the Sustainability Roadmap and Journey Companion or contact us for a demo or to discuss further.

Sustainable Procurement Policy & Practice

The Sustainable Procurement tool is designed to help organisations make more sustainable purchasing decisions. It is underpinned by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) benchmarks, UN Global Compact Principles and The Natural Step system conditions.

sustainable procurement toolThe tool takes users through a series of steps to help them assess the sustainability of a potential product/service and compare it with others they have researched. The tool is an educational resource as well as a decision support tool, with guidance and links to help educate users and further inform procurement decisions and policies. It includes a simple policy statement on sustainable procurement.

  • Online, cloud-based
  • Works on all devices; no app required
  • Can be embedded on a web page
  • Branding/content can be customised
  • Easy set up (training available)
  • URL of demo tool available on request

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The Natural Step 

Howard Nielsen from NACC was one of the first people to be accredited to facilitate The Natural Step Train-the-Trainer programs in Australia.

The Natural Step is an internationally recognised set of system conditions for sustainability that enable logical decision making about the way we manage the sustaiinability of our actions at work and home and in the community. 

NACC conducts Natural Step workshops of 3 hours, one day or two days. Contact us to discuss further.

Workplace Sustainability Facilitators Program

The Sustainability Facilitators Program prepares managers/facilitators to guide and support sustainability activities in their organisation. The program has been used with one of Australia’s foremost not-for-profit companies. It is also suitable for management consultants who wish to develop their sustainability facilitation capability.

The program takes into account individual learning needs in relation to facilitation and sustainable practices. Structured around workshop processes, coaching and practical projects, the program employs a variety of tools and sources. An optimistic, positive approach builds participants’ confidence and capacity to tackle challenges.

Sustainable facilitator program

  • Structured learning program (online or face-to-face)
  • Connects to Green Street business tools and resources
  • Includes presenter’s slides, facilitator kit, activity worksheets and handouts (fully customisable)

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